Tax report and “Självrättelse”

Hey guys, so I had issues finding information in Swedish since I come from another European country and don’t really speak Swedish and I tought that only when you withdraw money you will be taxed and not crypto to crypto. I made a few thousands sek profits and loss the previous years but never withdrew to my bank accounts.

My friend told me to do a “Självrättelse”. but can I go to jail for what I did? Sorry it’s really hard to find informations about all of the consequences of a “Självrättelse”. but i really wants to do things well and it was really an honest mistake.

You don’t have to worry, there is no way you would end up in jail for a few thousands in untaxed profits. Doing a “självrättelse” is the right thing to do and I’d guess the most likely outcome is that you’ll just have to pay the tax now, possibly with some small added fee for being late.