Swedbank took money from account

Ok now i am both surprised and shocked. I when to my bank today Forex bank and found 40,000 sek missing from my acount. Forex bank dont know how that happened but the only thing they know is that Swedbank for some reason wants 40,000 sek back from my account which was a bitcoin sells i made some weeks ago and was paid via Swish.

I did not get a message from either of these people, forex bank or swedbank and i am wondering how this is even possible. I have been arguing in the bank throughout today and now i need advice on what to do.

Is this even Legal?

Really annoying that they won’t even tell you what’s going on. It could be that the money you received were from someone being scammed and that’s why they “pulled it back”.

Did they tell you anything at all about the reason?

They didnt say anything, been on phone with them since morning and they dont even know what is happening.

Now they informed me that someone i sold bitcoin to and she made payment via swish request her money back and they just took it and refunded her. How is this even possible?

Yeah, that’s insane. That they would do that without investigating first makes no sense at all.

Please let us know what happens. Did they tell you how they will handle this? Will you get your money back?