Noncetech - pre-orders start next week


Hello Swedish Bitcoin enthusiasts!

This is Noncetech, a new small scale Bitcoin hardware manufacturer originating from Finland, here to give you guys a heads up; pre-orders for our limited first batch will start next week. We have introduced ourselves on the bitcointalk forum (, so lets cut to the chase.

We have completed our 24 hour stress tests and added pictures about it on our site ( and on the bitcointalk forums. Ongoing stress tests have revealed to us the hashing rates for our Sampo mining cards:

Hashrate: 200 GH/s
Power consumption: 0.5-0.7 W/GH/s

**Turbo mode **
Hashrate: 250 GH/s
Power consumption: 1.0-1.1 W/GH/s

The values may vary by +/- 10%.

Our beta cards have so far mined 48 hours non-stop on turbo mode without crashes. The average temperature measured from under the fans on the card is 59°C.

Our product, Sampo, is a modular Bitcoin mining rig that consists of 1-4 mining cards. We have revealed the prices for the product on the bitcointalk forum and on our site ( The release of pre-orders will be informed via our newsletter and on the bitcointalk forum. Products are shipped within 2 weeks after the closing of the pre-order.

You can follow the main discussion on the bitcointalk forum. We might not have enough time to answer on this thread.

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PS. Sorry for not posting in Swedish, our Swedish language skills are a bit rusty.