KnC väljer bitcoin classic


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“We now have over 50% miner votes. Bitfury and KNC just accepted BitcoinClassic.” … #post-9617


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HaoBTC will continue to increase hashrate, support Bitcoin and support increase of block capacity.
By Wu Gang

The Bticoin blockchain is a proof-of-work blockchain. In the past, it has been one chain and in the future, will continue to stay one. However, the consensus mechanism means that those who own 51% of the hash rate of the entire network will determine the future of the chain.
Everyone is free to decide how much hash power they want to hold. Those who have greater faith in the technology express such faith by holding more. Thus it is a matter of faith how much hash rate one choose to own.
The reason that China “own” over 50% of the total hash rate is because that we have great faith in the prospects of the Bitcoin. This has motivated us to devote great amount of labor, money and other resources. The fact that we own over 50% hash rate is a natural consequence of the faith rather than seeking to dominate Bitcoin.
The Bitcoin supporters outside China are also free to increase as much hash rate they like. We are pleased to see them owning more. The proof-of-work mechanism has been proven to be the fairest among all alternatives, thus the current situation should be seen as a manifestation of faith.
The Chinese mining pools accounts for over half of the entire network’s total hash rate, but the hash rate is not controlled by one entity, but many ones and in a distributed fashion. Every party has its own interest and agenda; most of them are well aware of the fact that the long-term prosperity of Bitcoin represents the greater interest.
We support block capacity increase. The most ideal would be that the increase will be realised via the Bitcoin-core.

We will also support Bitcoin-classic, if it proves to be the most agreed-upon.

As long as a proposal is reasonable and reliable, we will give it our support.


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–]btcc_samsonSamson Mow - Bitcoin Exchange & Miner - COO of BTCC 1 poäng 6 timmar sen
We support a 2 MB increase but we will not sign on to support Bitcoin Classic until we feel there is a real long term plan behind it, and enough engineering talent. Just because people are gravitating to something doesn’t mean you automatically jump on board without some serious analysis. This was our position on SW as well. It was too rushed, and this is no different. The ideal situation for us is to have the 2 MB increase done in Core, followed by SW. … t_bitcoin/


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72 procent av hashkapaciteten ger stöd till bitcoin classic:


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Ca 80 procent stöd skulle det kunna vara, men det beror på hur man räknar: … #post-9967


Bitfury skickar verkligen delade budskap med deras senaste blogpost: … f29d581276

Först annonserar de stöd för classic, och denna blogposten ser ut som stöd för core. Undrar hur de kommer agera.


Ja, det var ett märkligt agerande, att det finns olika åsiker inom BitFury skulle man kunna förstå,
men att VD:n Valery Vavilov själv säger så olika saker är konstigt.

Här är hans twitterkommentar: … 18048?s=09

Det är ett högt spel just nu.


Källkoden för classic blir tillgänglig nästa vecka. Binärer strax därefter: … bers_tldr/

Efter 0.11.2-releasen startar arbetet med nästa version, och där kommer opt-in RBF-funktionaliteten tas bort.

Så där ja. Jag står redo att installera.


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