How we, artists can support the idea of Bitcoin.


Hello everybody, I am an artist and graphic designer. At the moment we live in Stockholm, together with my husband who is a programer , web and graphic designer too. We support Bitcoin world, creating graphics about it, logo, layouts, all around this project and use Bitcoin for fun and profit. I am going to present you few of our artistic projects. Probably some of you are already familiar to them but if not, feel free to tell us your opinion .

PECUNIA LIBERTAS EST means money is freedom.
When I started to use Bitcoin I realized that such inscription would perfectly fit to the idea and we have designed this coin. Yes, it is briliant , our Latin was good enought to invent it. But this is not the end, very soon I will post something, that should also interest you, new friends in Bitcoin
This UNIQUE graphic you can use for DESKTOP WALLPAPER, if you want to print it, feel free to ask for suitable resolution. -here you can see our coins of Bitcoins

Barbara and Mark Messer