CombiCoin the cryptocurrency that is 100% asset backed!


The CombiCoin is what the name implies a combination of cryptocoins, very similar to an equity fund in stock market. CombiCoin is an Ethereum based coin that is 100% asset backed by the top 30 of the currencies with the highest market cap on the cryptocurrency market. At time of creation each cryptocurrency of the top 30 will determine 1/30th of a unit of the CombiCoin. The CombiCoin will always benefit from the growth of the currencies asset backing it and at the same time diversifying the risk significantly.

The CombiCoin will:

  1. Have a higher probability of Increasing in value
  2. Diversify risk
  3. Always be 100% asset backed by the top 30
  4. Be tradable on the biggest exchanges
  5. Be a good start for new investors in cryptocurrencies
  6. Have a price of that will only move up/down based on top 30

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