Bitcoin unlimited 1.0


Bitcoin unlimited 1.0 har släppts:


Announcing Bitcoin Unlimited General Release 1.0.0

Bitcoin Unlimited open-source version 1.0.0 highlights are:
BU v0.12.1 revised with selected open-source Bitcoin Core v0.13.x code-base changes,
plus further enhancements:

Emergent Consensus (EC) improvements

Mitigation of theoretical attack vectors on EC
Include signature operation accurate counting within EC for blocks >1MB

Wide-spectrum Anti-DoS improvements

Screening peers for heavy hitters and excessive INV traffic for eviction

Request Manager extensions

Initial Block Download integration

Orphan Pool transaction management improvements

Consistent eviction and streamlined erasing
Mitigate theoretical attack vectors

Xthin block propagation optimizations

General optimizations determined from many months of live traffic achieving some node statistics with zero missing transactions in a 24-hour period

Command Tweaks

Unified facility to manage configuration and command-line parameters with same name. For example, managing connections: "net.maxConnections": 125, "net.maxOutboundConnections": 8,

Maintenance and Fixes

A variety of fixes and small changes for clean-up and stability across multiple OS
Deterministic build for ARM architecture

Previously disabled in version 0.12.0:

Replace-by-Fee [commented out]
Alert Key [commented out]