Banks with Swish that support Localbitcoins


I have some bitcoin that I am trying to sell on Localbitcoins with Swish. I have already run into issues with several banks in doing so (as it seems most traders have). When they start asking questions about what all the Swishes are for, and I tell them that I am selling Bitcoins, they say that they do not support such transactions and will close my account if I continue. Even though I tell them that I follow all the appropriate KYC and AML laws.

Is there any solution to this? Any bank that is more open to trading crypto currencies? I also know there are some traders that have started their own companies and registered with FI. Does this help at all, or will you still run into the same issues with the banks?

Would be interested in hearing others stories with banks and Localbitcoins and if they were able to overcome it. Thanks for the help!


Hi Darren,

Do you trade as an individual or as a company? I don’t have a good answer regarding which banks are the most bitcoin friendly but I believe the banks’ attitude will be somewhat different towards individuals compared to companies.

Thanks for the reply David!

So far I have only traded as an individual, but am looking at the possibility of starting a company to do so. As far as I can tell thus far, almost all Swedish banks are reluctant to allow their individual customers to trade bitcoins. Maybe it is better as a company. I’ve heard Handelsbanken is the most friendly towards companies dealing with crypto currencies?

Another thing I have been trying to find out is if it is enough to register as a sole trader that trades crypto currencies to get registered with FI, or if a limited company (AB) is required. Haven’t gotten an answer from FI yet, but maybe someone else knows?

Appreciate the help.

Yes, I believe that Handelsbanken might be slightly more friendly towards Bitcoin companies but Handelsbanken is also a bank where a single office has more room for decisions than in many other banks. So if you don’t get a friendly response at one of their offices, try another one.

From what I understand you can register with FI as an individual. See link below. “En avgift på 26 400 kronor för fysisk person eller 32 400 kronor för juridisk person ska betalas till FI.”

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